La Crosse, Wisc.

Mitt Romney and Barack Obama were scheduled for back-to-back appearances in Wisconsin on Monday and Tuesday, but Hurricane Sandy caused both the president and his Republican challenger to cancel.

Mitt Romney held "storm relief" event in Ohio today, and his running mate Paul Ryan did the same at two campaign offices in western Wisconsin.

At the La Crosse "victory center" this afternoon, Ryan thanked volunteers gathered there for assembling care packages destined for the Red Cross in New Jersey.

"The people suffering are in our thoughts and our prayers," he said. "Let's say a special prayer for those people who have lost their lives in this storm."

"Don't forget a about the Red Cross," Ryan added. "If you get a chance go on their website,, and donate. They need donations. If you have the ability to give blood, that's something else they need."

"This is what American do, this is what Wisconsinites do," Ryan said at the conclusion of his brief remarks. Local and national media were then escorted out of the campaign office, where Ryan remained for five minutes to shake hands and talk to reporters.

Ryan didn't discuss the campaign or mention President Obama, but he did say that Mitt Romney has been in touch with a number of northeastern governors. The lull in official campaign events will end tomorrow, when Ryan attends rallies in the Wisconsin cities of Eau Claire, Green Bay, and Racine. Mitt Romney will be in Florida on Wednesday, holding rallies in Tampa, Miami, and Jacksonville.

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