Paul Ryan has higher favorability ratings--and lower unfavorability ratings--than Mitt Romney, Barack Obama, or Joe BIden, according to a new Rasmussen poll.

The poll, conducted on Sunday and Monday, found 50 percent have a favorable opinion of Ryan, and only 32 percent hold an unfavorable opinion. That's an improvement for Ryan in Rasmussen's poll, which found 39 percent favorability and 25 percent unfavorability prior to being named as Romney's running mate.

A recent PPP poll found that both Romney and President Obama currently have lower favorability ratings and higher unfavorability ratings than Ryan. Romney's favorable/unfavorable rating in this poll was 42 percent/48 percent, while Obama's was 47 percent/48 percent. Polling of Vice President Biden's favorability has been less frequent, but a July poll from NBC and the Wall Street Journal gave Biden a 35 percent/37 percent favorability/unfavorability rating.

That means of all four candidates on the major party presidential tickets, Paul Ryan has, at the moment, the highest favorability.

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