This floor speech from Paul Ryan is about as fiery as the Wisconsin congressman gets:

Ryan's remarks on Medicare:

Let’s for a moment talk about Medicare. Medicare as we know it is already gone. Our friends on the other side of the aisle – when they passed the Affordable Care Act – they stopped the Medicare status quo.

The President’s new health care law--that ends Medicare as know it. It does two things: It raids Medicare; and it rations Medicare.

It takes over $500 billion from Medicare to spend on the President’s new health care law. It doesn't take that money to extend its solvency. Just like people have complained for years that we are raiding the Social Security Trust Fund and we should stop doing that, the President’s health care law does that to Medicare now.

Second thing it does: Starting next year, the President will appoint 15 unelect[ed], unaccountable bureaucrats to price control and to ration Medicare for current seniors.

What’s worse is the President and Senate still have yet to put out a plan to save Medicare to prevent it from going bankrupt.

We stop the raid of Medicare in our budget and make sure that $500 billion stays with Medicare to advance its solvency....

Number two, we repeal the rationing board so we don’t put bureaucrats in charge of determining what kind of health care benefits seniors do or do not get.

Number three, we save Medicare. And the way in which we do this is this: We say that if you are on Medicare or if your ten years away from retiring – 55 and above -- government already made a promise to you. We want government to keep that promise. And so under our budget we keep that promise.

We stop the raid. We repeal the rationing board. And for those of us who are 54 and below who have a bankrupt system that we right now cannot count on, we reform it so it works like the system Members of Congress and federal employees have. It's a system that looks like Medicare Advantage or the drug benefit works today: seniors get a choice of plans offered to them by Medicare – guaranteed coverage options – from which they can choose and Medicare subsidizes that plan. It doesn’t subsidize people as much if they are wealthy and subsidizes them a lot more if they are low income or if they're sick.

This saves Medicare. This puts Medicare on a path to solvency. And more importantly, by saving it for future generations, we can keep our promises to the current generation.

We stop the raid. We repeal the rationing board. And we save the program. That's what our budget proposes to do.

Hat tip: Andrew Stiles

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