Courtesy of one friend, an old pro, three perhaps overlooked points in the sea of analysis of South Carolina and beyond:

I notice that everyone’s citing all kinds of reasons for S.C.: Romney overconfident, Perry's endorsement, Romney doesn't connect, Barnes’s argument that Romney needs a ‘big idea.’ Lost in all this it seems is one name: Sarah Palin. First time she has expressed herself in the race and her candidate wins by 12. If she really comes out for Newt, look out.

“Second thought: Paul has potential to give Romney lots of trouble in caucus states.

“Final point: Some argue that Newt won't play well in Latino parts of Florida. Why? Unless Jeb or Marco go for Mitt, I would argue that Romney's actions on immigration will matter here. Many Florida Latinos vote Republican, and may not like Mitt’s tone on the issue. As Jeb apparently didn’t, for that matter.”

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