Asked by Sean Hannity about running for the U.S. Senate, Sarah Palin gave him an evasive answer (more non-answer, really), which the AP turned into a news story:

Alaska's most high-profile Republican, 2008 vice presidential candidate and former Gov. Sarah Palin, says she has "considered" running for the U.S. Senate seat held by Democratic Sen. Mark Begich but she would like to see new candidates enter the race.

Responding to a question from Fox News Channel's Sean Hannity, Palin said Tuesday she's considered a run because people have asked her to.

Not exactly something you could take to the bank but good enough to keep the name in circulation and the story, such as it is, in the Google News mix.

Still, it might be interesting if she did run, not least to see how exactly it would play in that whole "War on Women" thing.

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