In advance of tomorrow’s Nebraska Republican Senate primary — one of the most hotly contested in the nation — Ben Sasse’s final two television ads note his opposition to Obamacare. The first begins, “Conservatives are rallying in Nebraska against Obamacare and for Ben Sasse,” and it features Sarah Palin speaking in support of Sasse, as well as footage of Ted Cruz, another prominent Obamacare opponent and Sasse supporter. (Paul Ryan, Mike Lee, Rick Santorum, and Tom Coburn have also endorsed Sasse.)

Here’s the ad:

The second ad — Sasse’s final one —emphasizes his “small-town roots,” his not having run “a single negative ad,” and his willingness to “stand for the unborn.” At least in terms of TV advertising, these were the Sasse campaign’s final 12 words to the state’s GOP voters: “Ben Sasse has been called ‘Obamacare’s Nebraska Nemesis.’ He’ll make Nebraska proud”:

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