The rallying cry among those who still believe in Obamacare, and that it will fundamentally transform health care in America, like to say of the program’s current problems, “It’s just a web site.” Implying that it can, like the transmission on your automobile, be fixed and you can then proceed to your destination.

Well, it may be “just” a web site, but fixing it turns out to be more easily said than done. No surprise there. In Washington, everything is more easily said than done. But it turns out that while the web site is being fixed, there are scammers at work, building web sites that do work. And how is the poor consumer to know the difference. Easy, according to the Wall Street Journal:

If an insurance shopping website is usable, it's not the federal government's.

Be warned, then, do not submit your sensitive, private data to any web site that will, at present, take it. Wait for the government to complete repairs of the web site it had some three years to build and test and that that crashed and burned on rollout.

That’s the one you can trust.

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