South Carolina attorney general Alan Wilson released the following statement in response to the Supreme Court's ruling today on Obamacare:

"While the Supreme Court agreed with the states that the Act violates the Commerce Clause of the Constitution, it carved out new authority to accomplish the same goal under Congress' taxing power - despite the Obama Adminstration and Congress' own efforts to avoid calling the Individual Mandate a tax on Americans.

"The Obama Administration, through Congress, has now been allowed to pass this tax on all Americans. It was, and is, a wolf in sheep's clothing. Congress must now repeal this tax and draft a solution that will actually help the health care problems this country faces.

"Further, for states like South Carolina, a catastrophic new reality emerges. Under the Act, the states will be forced to expand their Medicaid rolls to unprecedented levels. While the Court ruled today that existing federal money used to fund Medicaid cannot be cut, any new money necessary to fund this explosion of new recipients could be withheld from any state that does not fall in line with Congress' wishes. Many states will simply not be able to afford this new onerous mandate."

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