The VA story is still unfolding and the consensus seems to be that it will be with us for a while. Which makes the eagerness of some not-in-office political hacks to wade in all the more unseemly.

Bob Dole’s views on the situation and his opinion on whether or not General Eric Shinseki should resign are eminently worth knowing.

But Charlie Crist?

Mr. Crist is campaigning to be governor of Florida. Why? Well, because he is a professional politician and needs a job. He tried for the U.S. Senate and lost the Republican nomination to Marco Rubio. At which point, Crist became an independent. Then a Democrat. Everything he once claimed to believe with all of his heart, he now find odious and tainted by the stench of Tea Party ideology and, of course, racism.

So 48 hours after the VA story got really big (and one wonders why it took him so long) Crist was out with a statement about how, when it comes to Shinseki, “his confidence is gone.”

Well, that ought to do it. When you’ve lost the confidence of Charlie Crist, you are finished.

Crist did say that he appreciates the general’s “service to his country.”

Of course he does.

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