Katrina Trinko captured the scene and some moving videos:

The scene at the White House last night was one of pure jubilation. Pennsylvania Avenue was packed mostly by college students from George Washington University and Georgetown. They waved American flags and sang patriotic songs. Cigar smoke wafted. Open container laws were flouted by some, including a pair of students drinking directly out of a wine bottle covered only by a CVS plastic bag.

"NEVER FORGET" read one sign, written in red lettering on white poster board, held up right in front of the White House gate. A handful of Obama signs (and at least one Bush-Cheney sign) were held high by some undergrads. Sorority girls climbed trees to get a better view and cheer. One young man climbed a twenty-foot lamp post, and began waving a flag.

It was quite a scene--an experience that the students, most of whom were 8 to 12 years old on 9/11/01, never expected.

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