The Sochi Olympics are busy setting some sort of record for glitches and one of them has attracted the attentions of the indefatigable Senator Charles Schumer who is perturbed by the Russian’s unwillingness to allow the importation of yogurt.

Seems that:

… the Russians are blocking a shipment of Greek Yogurt from getting to the Olympics.

Not just any Greek Yogurt, either. We are talking, here, about Greek Yogurt. Chobani Greek Yogurt, to be precise, which is made in New York and Schumer is:

… upset about it enough to write to the Russian Ambassador.

According to Schumer, the yogurt now sitting at the Newark Airport and he's worried it will just go to waste. Schumer says the U-S Department of Agriculture is also pushing for a way to get the greek yogurt to the American athletes.

Nothing on just how much yogurt we are talking about or what sort of reprisals Schumer might have in mind.

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