Nebraska Senate candidate Ben Sasse has been declared "Obamacare's Nebraska Nemesis," and in a new ad Sasse explains why he's personally invested in repealing the law. In 2007, his wife Melissa had an aneurysm followed by an arduous recovery, which left his family with $160,000 in medical bills. Sasse ended up waging a months-long battle against the health insurance system, and Sasse is convinced Obamacare will only make these problems worse:

In other Nebraska GOP primary news, THE WEEKLY STANDARD has learned that private polling in Nebraska by an independent outside group has the race dead even at 31-30, a slight edge for former state treasurer Shane Osborn. However, the poll also shows that, despite being a statistical tie, Sasse is still behind Osborn in name recognition. Given Sasse's polling momentum and much stronger fundraising numbers, Sasse looks to have a bigger opportunity than Osborn to pick up new votes before the May 13 primary election.

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