After the Senate blocked a vote on President Obama's jobs bill last week, Democratic leaders vowed to push for votes on the separate parts of the $447 billion package. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) announced today he will start by holding a vote "as soon as possible" on a proposal to provide $35 billion to the states for teachers and first responders. Brian Beutler reports:

On a Monday conference call with reporters, [Reid] officially announced that he'll move ahead with the first stand-alone piece of President Obama's jobs bill this week -- a $35 billion state aid measure to prevent layoffs of teachers and emergency fist responders. But he's prepared for Republicans to stand in the way.

"I'll bring this bill for a vote as soon as possible," Reid told reporters, noting that the entire cost will be offset with a small fraction of the millionaire surtax Dems proposed to pay for the entire Obama jobs bill.

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