Could former Massachusetts senator Scott Brown run again, this time next-door in New Hampshire? The Boston Globe reports that two Republican senators are urging their old colleague to make a run against Democrat Jeanne Shaheen:

The signs are mounting. Scott Brown travels almost weekly to New Hampshire. Last month he formed a political action committee there to raise funds; this week he attacked the state’s Democratic senator on his favorite target: national health care.

Now national Republicans are pushing the former Massachusetts senator to declare his candidacy for the US Senate from New Hampshire. And they insist, despite mixed signals from Brown, that he is seriously weighing such a run.

The chairman and vice chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, Senators Jerry Moran of Kansas and Rob Portman of Ohio, said they have urged Brown to take on Democratic Senator Jeanne Shaheen, who is otherwise expected to cruise to reelection next year.

It could be risky for the national party to rely on a candidate who carefully built his reputation as the regular guy from Massachusetts. But with other major potential candidates from New Hampshire bowing out, senior Washington Republicans believe Brown may be the GOP’s best hope.

Shaheen was first elected in 2008 after beating incumbent Republican John Sununu. Two years later, Brown was elected in a special election in Massachusetts that focused on the debate over the bill that would eventually become the health care law. Shaheen voted for Obamacare, while Brown voted against it.

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