Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina has written a letter to Chuck Hagel to ask that he open his Senate archive at the University of Nebraska-Omaha. Graham, who also asks Hagel to authorize the release of past speeches organized by the Washington Speakers Bureau, believes interested parties should have access to the former Nebraska senator's record.

Graham first reminds Hagel, who has been nominated as secretary of defense, that he promised disclosure at his Senate confirmation hearing. He writes, "During your appearance before the Senate Armed Services Committee, you committed to fully cooperating with Senate requests to disclose information about your record. 'Everything that is out there that we can find we'll make every effort to get it and provide it,' you told Chairman Levin."

"The Washington Speakers Bureau has confirmed that it will not transfer to the Senate any video recordings of your past speeches without your authorization. The University of Nebraska-Omaha is stonewalling Senate staff and journalists seeking access to your Senate office archive, which is filled with past speeches, videos, letters and notes," Graham adds.

The senator concludes: "Sen. Hagel, given the threats we face in the world and the public confidence level needed to be an effective Secretary of Defense, I believe the airing of your views and record is critical to the confirmation process. Will you give the interested parties access to the archives at the University of Nebraska and the Washington Speakers Bureau?"

Also, in the same letter, Graham reminds Hagel that he's still waiting for a response to his last letter.

"Meanwhile," writes Graham," you have not responded to my letter on the accuracy of a contemporaneous report or remarks you delivered at Rutgers University in April 2010. On top of your previous comments accusing Israel of keeping Palestinians 'caged up like animals,' justifying Palestinian suicide bombings and alleging that a 'Jewish lobby intimidates' Senators into doing 'dumb things,' the 2010 contemporaneous report claims you said that Israel is becoming an apartheid state, that Prime Minister Netanyahu is a radical, that the Hamas terrorist organization should be brought into negotiations and that Israel stands in violation of multiple United Nations resolutions."

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