A couple of days ago, a Timothy P. Carney piece appeared in the Washington Examiner over the headline:

K Street loses a loyal ally in Kathleen Sebelius

Well, not so fast there. Now we learn from Alexander Bolton at The Hill that:

Democrats are dying to have Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius enter the Senate race in Kansas [believing that] ...her candidacy would make Kansas more winnable, would blunt the problems ObamaCare poses to their party and would force Republicans to pour money into a red state.

Given her track record, winning that election seems improbable, to put it mildly. Still, it is entirely predictable that she should at least be thinking about it. Membership in the political calls is hard to come by and its seductions far too delicious to give up without a fight.

One suspects however, that if she tries, the good people of Kansas will stomp on clutching fingers and that she will, nevertheless, remain in Washington, working lucratively on the other side of K Street.

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