South Carolina senator Lindsey Graham was asked last night whether he's going to apologize to Susan Rice. He said that she doesn't deserve an apology; she "deserves to be subpoenaed."

The Fox News host asked, "We repeatedly see this--with a White House representative on the five Sunday shows, this weekend as well, asking Republicans, I suppose they mean you, for an apology to Susan Rice. Are you going to apologize?"

"Not only does she not deserve an apology from me, or anybody else, for the way she misled the American people, she deserves to be subpoenaed by the Congress and have to give answers to hard questions, something she's never had to do before," said Graham. "She should apologize to Greg Hicks, the number two in Tripoli, the number two guy, second behind Chris Stevens, who said, I quote, When I heard her testimony my jaw dropped, my heart stopped, and I've never been more embarrassed."

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