Yesterday evening, it was announced that Attorney General Eric Holder appointed two prosecutors to investigate alleged national security leaks to the media from the White House. But now two leading Senate Republicans are urging President Obama to appoint independent "outside special counsel" to investigate leaks, instead.

"It is imperative that an independent investigation be conducted where the results could be accepted with a high degree of confidence and without a hint of political considerations," Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham say in a joint statement. "We are confident the two U.S. Attorneys hand-picked by Attorney General Holder are fine men. However, if there was ever a situation where we needed an outside special counsel that would enjoy bipartisan acceptance and widespread public trust, it is now."

McCain and Graham go on to recommend who they think might fit the mold of an independent investigator. “There are many capable attorneys who have earned respect from the public and both parties. We strongly believe a special counsel should be appointed outside Justice Department control and influence. Someone in the mold of a Bob Bennett, who is extremely competent and enjoys bipartisan respect," McCain and Graham state.

“This investigation involves some of the most serious breaches of national security in recent memory and any investigation must be done in a manner free and clear of political considerations. The recent decision of the Attorney General falls far short of what is needed and is not an adequate substitute for an outside special counsel.”

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