The campaign of Democratic senator Jeff Merkley turned away three people from a "private event" in Hillsboro, Oregon, despite the fact that the people said they were invited to the event. A tracker with the campaign of Merkley's Republican opponent, Monica Wehby, captured the exchange between the three people and a representative of the Merkley campaign. Watch it below:

The woman in the video, identified by the Oregonian as Alta Lynch, told the tracker that she was called and invited to the event. But when she arrived she was told she was not on the list and could not be allowed in.

"This doesn't impress me," said Lynch. "I mean, to be kicked out of something that I was invited to, and now, because one of his workers was inefficient, I didn't get my name on the list? It's not acceptable." Later in the video, Lynch says she'll be "stump[ing] for the other one."

One of the other people turned away, the man in the tie-dye overalls, claims he was planning on supporting Merkley but wanted to tell the Democrat when he arrived at the event that he would not be voting for him. The Oregonian reports that Merkley, who had not yet arrived to the event when the video was shot, apologized to two of the people in the video, including Lynch.

Merkley currently has a wide lead over Wehby, and the race is still rated as likely Democratic.

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