One can expect a fair amount of exaggeration, spin, and dissembling regarding the effects of the sequester. No claims, so far, that Americans are chewing hides and lacing their boots with the sinews of game they have killed and eaten in order to survive. President Obama did warn, however, that janitors who clean the Capitol would be hit hard.

That turned out to be ... well, not exactly so. But the White House insisted that you had to take overtime into account and if “you depend on that overtime to make ends meet, it is simply a fact that a reduction in overtime is a reduction in your pay."

Today, the Washington Post reports that for the Capitol janitors:

... overtime amounts to only pittance of the overall pay — about $6.50 a week on top of wages of $1,000 a week. That’s much different from Carney’s claim of having to “depend on that overtime to make ends meet.”

Indeed, even before the sequester was implemented, Capitol Hill janitors have already earned more overtime pay than they did in all of last year.

So, the janitors who were about to take a body blow from the sequester actually got a raise.

The White House has, however, eliminated tours for the public under pressure of the Sequester. But, so far, is keeping the staff calligraphers.

CNN has done some research and its reporting doesn't indicate much in the way of widespread public suffering and inconvenience as a result of diminished government spending.

However, it is still early and the administration does seem determined to make the public pay for the sin of sequester..

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