Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.), ranking member of the Budget Committee, has just released a statement today that criticizes both Senate Democrats and President Obama for lacking leadership on producing a budget. Noting the Gang of Six plan's "serious flaws," Sessions says the president needs to show the public what his deficit reduction plan actually contains:

Senate Democrats and the White House have fiercely resisted formulating an actual debt plan at every step of the way. Instead, the president has pushed for secret meetings—avoiding the public accountability of putting a plan to paper—followed by press conferences at which he asserts his support for broad deficit reduction even when no such plan has been written. The real bluff from the president is the idea that a White House deficit reduction plan exists. It’s time for the White House to lay its cards on the table.

I’ve introduced legislation requiring seven days to review any legislation increasing the debt limit. This is the bare minimum amount of time necessary for meaningful public process and review. But the White House’s refusal to engage this debate in an open, public way has created the very real risk that no text will be available until the last minute.

Read the whole statement here.

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