I think it's fair to say that pro-life activists could not have conceived of a parody of the pro-choice movement this on target—and yet this is an actual ad produced by the Center for Reproductive Rights:

Roe v. Wade is such a wonderful legal decision that the only way to celebrate its 40th anniversary is to put on some smooth jazz, swill some Courvoisier, and let some cheesey lothario get very, very intimate with it. Obviously, there's no better way to represent how abortion on demand has empowered women than to equate it with a baldly patronizing and sexist stereotype. You've come a long way, baby.

But when you can't celebrate Roe v. Wade on the merits—and even prominent liberal legal scholars concede the decision can't be defended—I guess you have to be creative. The good news is that if anyone had any doubts about which side of the abortion debate was more morally serious, thanks to the Center for Reproductive Rights, they will wonder no more.

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