While there had been some speculation that Sharron Angle, the Tea Partier and 2010 Republican Senate candidate who lost to Harry Reid, would make another run for the Senate, she announced today that her intention is to run for Congress in Nevada's second district:

While Angle lost to the very unpopular Reid, 45% to 50%, she beat him by 7 points in the Second Congressional District, which encompasses the entire state outside of Las Vegas and some of its suburbs. (It's unclear, however, what the second district will look like after lines are drawn for two one new Nevada congressional district.) Bottom line: If Angle would likely win against a Democrat as unpopular as Harry Reid. Of course, she needs to win the primary first. And she may face stiff competition from Lt. Gov. Brian Krolicki and Nevada GOP chair Mark Amodei, who are rumored to be likely candidates in the race, according to Politico's David Catanese.

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