In his press conference yesterday, President Obama said that the debate over the Affordable Care Act is over, or should be … and will be if he and his party have anything to say about it.

As David Jackson and Kelly Kennedy of USA Today write, after insisting that:

"This thing is working.” Obama again criticized Republicans who want to repeal the law, saying it's time to "move on" and focus on jobs and the overall economy. He called for "a change in attitude on the part of the Republicans.”

The government can make just about anything “work.” Mohair subsidies. Corporate bailouts. The income tax code. You name it. The trick is to have unlimited money, plenty of time, and a monopoly on force. Then … piece of cake.

In a few years, if the president has his way, everyone outside of Washington will be complaining about the ACA, while inside the beltway, it will be a money machine for the fixers tinkering with the machinery and getting paid handsomely to do it.

And, “If you like your plan …” will be a bitter laugh line. Sort of like, “Good enough for government work."

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