A new poll from the Siena Research Institute shows Republican Bob Turner, who lost to Anthony Weiner in 2010 with 39% of the vote, leading Democrat David Weprin by 6 points and hitting the magic 50%. In Siena's August 10 poll, Weprin was leading Turner 48% to 42%.

Siena asked voters what the most important issue is to them in the race and found the following:

One-third of voters, including nearly half of Turner supporters, say that the candidate’s position on economic recovery was the single most important factor in choosing which candidate to support. Twenty-eight percent, including nearly half of Weprin’s supporters, said the candidate’s position on federal entitlements, such as Social Security and Medicare, was the most important factor. The candidate’s party was identified by 18 percent of voters (21 percent of Democrats and 11 percent of Republicans) as the most important factor, followed by endorsement of the candidate by a trusted source at eight percent, and the candidate’s position on Israel, at only seven percent.

Again, the question simply asked voters their single most important issue, and most voters care about multiple issues. Weprin's outspoken support for gay marriage is a big reason why a prominent Democratic assemblyman in the district endorsed Turner.

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