Megan R. Wilson of The Hill reports that:

K Street lobbyists are racking up frequent flyer miles with regular trips to Silicon Valley in search of clients. They are trading power suits for California casual to cash in on the explosive growth of technology lobbying, which has more than doubled over the past decade and shows no signs of slowing down.

The digital age is still young enough that most Americans can remember a time when Silicon Valley’s disdain for Washington bordered on contempt. Government, with all its regulations and its glacial pace and its lack of vision was among the those things which the computer would enable us to leave behind. To transcend, even.

It is a nice memory. Reality, of course, is that:

With issues related to privacy, patents and surveillance cropping up frequently in Congress and at regulatory agencies, K Street is finding that tech firms are more receptive to their sales pitches than ever before.

The digital dream was once to become the next Microsoft. These days, the suits from back East use that company as:

... a cautionary tale, as it waited 20 years after forming to hire any Washington help, only to be plunged into a costly antitrust fight.
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