A reader with federal government experience emails:

When I read Bill Kristol’s post on the Beschloss pep talk for the Obama team, and as much as I could of Scherer's article, I wondered whether Bill Daley used U.S. government resources for what was clearly a campaign event. Scherer didn't seem to curious about this in his article on the meeting, but it raised lots of questions for me:

- Who paid for the use of the Ft. McNair facilities? Are they available to the general public for rental or is this something that Daley was able to arrange through use of his office? Is such campaign-related political activity permitted on USG/DOD property?

- Who attended the meeting? Was it during business hours when the USG was paying Daley's salary? Did he or any other USG officials who attended take annual leave as I would have been forced to do when I was a federal employee had I desired to attend some political activity during work hours?

- Was he and/or other officials driven to Ft. McNair in USG vehicles?

- Who paid for Michael Beschloss's expenses (travel, per diem, honorarium) for this?

- Were official representational funds used for meals?

We'll be looking into this—and invite other journalists and concerned citizens to do so as well.

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