Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius opened up her testimony before the House of Representatives Energy and Commerce Committee panel, saying:

"You deserve better. I apologize,"

The apology was meant for the public, presumably, since members and their staff are spared the glories of Obamacare. Comes with the territory.

That’s probably the end of it as far as “accepting responsibility” goes. In Washington, you say “that one is on me,” pull a long face, and get back in the game. Among the political class, sword falling is looked up as something for the little people. You hire a damage control team and move on. Also, Ms. Sebelius is not likely to be fired by her boss since, as Matthew Cooper at National Journal reports, that is not his style. And anyway, her plans point to another direction.

Sebelius was vetted twice for vice president—by John Kerry and Obama—and, at least until now, has never wholly given up being on a national ticket.

One suspects, though, that Obamacare might be too much for even

… a New Democrat, and a pantsuit-favoring governor …

Pantsuit-favoring? Probably not what comes first to mind, outside Washington, when her name is mentioned.

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