Matt Continetti, writing in the Washington Free Beacon:

Let us now praise the unknown reporters! Let us acclaim those stolid scribes who, at the conclusion of Mitt Romney’s overseas trip to England, Israel, and Poland, told Politico—anonymously, of course, and presumably with a straight face—that the days of going easy on the Republican nominee were over.

You see, the former governor of Massachusetts occasionally visits his traveling press corps, to whom he distributes baked goods. But our nameless heroes have had enough. “You can’t hand out cookies now when there are serious questions to ask, and there are very serious questions to ask that the campaign has refused to answer,” one said. A second brave but unidentified journalist agreed: “I don’t think anyone wants cookies anymore. This is the rough and tumble, now.”

What audacity, what daring! To whine on background that the Romney campaign has not treated you well, to threaten reprisal without having the courage to go on the record, even as your colleagues tar Romney with allegations of gaffes and racism—are there two more fitting spokesmen for the immaturity, insularity, and idiocy of the political press in the age of Obama? Let us celebrate these unknown reporters. Only they had the gumption to reveal to the world that the liberal media would no longer pull their punches for a box of Samoas. And only they have managed to display fully the elite media’s sense of self-entitlement and lack of self-awareness. After the pummeling these cookie monsters gave Romney last week, dessert should have been the least of their concerns. They were lucky to get a ride home.

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