Tomorrow, e21 and the Manhattan Institute are hosting a panel, titled "States in Trouble: Bankruptcy, Bailout or Default?" The event includes a couple contributors to THE WEEKLY STANDARD. It will be at the National Press Club, in Washington, D.C., from 12:00 p.m. to 1:30 p.m., on Tuesday, February 15.

Here is the lineup:

States in Trouble: Bankruptcy, Bailout or Default?

Should states in fiscal crisis be able to declare bankruptcy? As California and Illinois hike taxes and slash spending to avert disaster, Congress is faced with growing pressure to rescue ailing state governments. Join us to hear leading scholars discuss the political, policy, and legal concerns surrounding the danger of state bailouts. The panel will present a variety of viewpoints on the pros and cons of bankruptcy and default, and on the tools state governments need to get their fiscal houses in order.

Moderated by James Pethokoukis of Reuters, the panel consists of:

Nicole Gelinas, Searle Freedom Trust Fellow at the Manhattan Institute and Senior Policy Advisor at e21

Clayton Gillette, Max E. Greenberg Professor of Contract Law at New York University School of Law

E. J. McMahon, Senior Fellow at the Empire Center for New York State Policy

David Schleicher, Assistant Professor at George Mason School of Law

Glenn Siegel, Partner at Dechert LLP

David Skeel, S. Samuel Arsht Professor of Corporate Law at the University of Pennsylvania Law School

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