The New York Times reported Monday that congressional Republicans were split on the coming defense budget sequestration, with many in the GOP suggesting the cuts ought to go through because "fiscal questions trump defense" Now, more than 70 foreign policy experts, including prominent Republicans and Democrats, have signed a letter drafted by the Foreign Policy Initiative that urges congressional leaders to act and stop the sequestration. A copy of the letter is running as an ad in Tuesday's print edition of Politico.

"Sequestration will result in unacceptable risk for U.S. national security," the letter reads. "It will degrade our ability to defend our allies, deter aggres- sion, and promote and protect American economic interests. It will erode the credibility of our treaty commitments abroad. It will be a self-inflicted wound to American strength and leadership in the world. History will not look kindly on this abdication of responsibility, but will hold accountable the President and the Congress who together chose such a dangerous course."

Read the full letter and see its signatories below:

On Tuesday afternoon, President Barack Obama will meet with Republican senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham, who have been outspoken about halting the sequestration and maintaining the defense spending threatened by those cuts. Graham told CNN he hopes to speak with Obama about sequestration.

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