The situation in Ukraine worsens and Putin makes ever more menacing noises.

As Daryna Krasnolutska and Ilya Arkhipov of Bloomberg report:

President Vladimir Putin warned Ukraine against continuing its offensive against pro-Russian separatists after troops entered the eastern city of Slovyansk, killing five rebels. “If it is true that the current regime in Kiev sent the army against citizens inside its country, then it is a very serious crime against its own nation,” Putin said … “It will have consequences for the people who make such decisions, including relations between our countries. We’ll see how the situation develops and we’ll make conclusions based on the reality on the ground.”

Meanwhile in Japan, as Julie Pace of the Associated Press writes, President Obama warned “Moscow” that “the United States has another round of economic sanctions ‘teed up.’”

One suspects that Mr. Putin did not go limp with fear upon learning of this warning. Not even after one of his advisors explained the golfing imagery.

And the President seemed to get that, too, saying that those “teed up" penalties “may do little to influence Vladimir Putin's handling of the crisis in Ukraine.”

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