A new study by American Health Policy Institute finds that the president's signature legislation, Obamacare, will cost large employers "$4,800 to $5,900 per employee." The study, called The Cost of the Affordable Care Act to Large Employers,” is available here.

"Drawing on internal cost data shared with AHPI by over 100 large employers (10,000 or more employees each) doing business in the United States, the study offers the first-ever look at how these organizations believe the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has impacted the current and future cost of providing health care to their employees," a summary of the study released by the American Health Policy Institute reads.

Key findings:

· The ACA will cost large U.S. employers between $4,800 to $5,900 per employee.

· Large employers expect overall ACA-related cost increases of between $163 million and $200 million per employer, or an increase of 4.3 percent in 2016 and 8.4 percent in 2023 over and above what they would otherwise be spending.

· Based on these data, the total cost of the ACA to all large U.S. employers will be from $151 billion to $186 billion, or 5.9 percent more than what they would otherwise be spending.

"Large employers are responsible for a total of 137.7 million American jobs, and maintaining a healthy workforce continues to be a top priority for them. However, as the study notes, there has until now been very little, if any, accurate information about how the Affordable Care Act is actually impacting employer costs, and without that it is difficult to know how employers will likely respond to the new system going forward," reads the summary.

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