A new poll from Suffolk University shows incumbent Republican senator Scott Brown of Massachusetts remains neck and neck with his Democratic challenger, Harvard law professor Elizabeth Warren. Forty-eight percent of likely voters support Brown, placing him in a statistical tie with Warren, who earned 47 percent support. A Suffolk poll from February showed Brown with a more substantial lead, 49 percent to Warren's 40 percent.

When it comes to favorability, Brown has a 15-point lead on Warren, with 58 percent to her 43 percent. Brown's unfavorable rating remains steady from his February numbers at 28 percent, whereas 33 percent find Warren unfavorable, compared to 28 percent in February.

Warren has been occupied by local and national media attention regarding the recent revelations that she may have incorrectly claimed to have Native American heritage during her professional career. The Suffolk poll, however, found that while 72 percent of likely voters were aware of the controversy, 69 percent said it was not a significant story.

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