The Anti-Defamation League's latest national poll finds broad support for military action to prevent nuclear armed Iran.

Regarding Iran's development of a nuclear weapon, Americans support Israeli military action to prevent it by 57%-31%, and US military action by 50%-44%.

Additionally, the poll finds overwhelming opposition among Americans for the creation of a Palestinian state at the United Nations:

  • Americans reject a U.N. vote to create a Palestinian state. By 52%-28%, Americans believe that direct negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians "are the only appropriate way to create a Palestinian state" rather than going through the U.N.
  • A majority of Americans (64%-27%) believe it is up to the Palestinians and the Israelis to negotiate the final terms of peace with minimal involvement from the U.S.
  • By 58%-22%, Americans believe that a Palestinian state must be preceded by a Palestinian commitment to end violence and accept Israel's legitimacy.

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