A stunning poll from SurveyUSA shows businessman Herman Cain parlaying his straw poll victory in Florida into a dead heat with Mitt Romney:

In the Florida Republican Primary for President, Mitt Romney at 27% edges Herman Cain at 25%, according to a SurveyUSA poll conducted for WFLA-TV Tampa. Rick Perry finishes 3rd with 13%, others further back. The Primary is tentatively, and controversially, scheduled for 4 months from today, on 01/31/12,

Romney is strong among older voters, women, moderates and in Southeast Florida. Cain is strong among men, younger voters, Tea Party members, affluent voters and in Northeast Florida. Perry is strong among those who say they are “very conservative,” among those who attend religious services regularly, among Evangelicals and in Northwest Florida.

Newt Gingrich at 6%, and Michelle Bachmann and Ron Paul at 5%, effectively tie for 4th place. Jon Huntsman, in 7th place, finishes ahead of Rick Santorum.

The RCP average of Florida polls prior to Cain's straw poll victory showed Romney and Perry each at about 25% with Cain pulling in just 7% of the vote. Can Cain keep this up, or is he just another "flavor of the week" as Sarah Palin said?

(Hat tip: Ed Morrissey)

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