Susan Rice went on NBC this evening to explain why she told President Barack Obama that she no longer wants to be considered for the secretary of the state job.

Rice came under fire for providing bad information to the American people about what happened when terrorists attacked American officials on September 11, 2012 in Benghazi, Libya. The fire never let up.

"I am not a victim," Rice said. "I wasn't set up." Rice contends that she relayed the best information available to the American government when she blitzed the Sunday shows, armed with talking points that would later be proven wrong and misleading.

"I didn't mislead, I didn't misrepresent," Rice told NBC. "I don't think anybody is ever wholly blameless, but I didn't do anything wrong."

"I think I was under serious consideration," Rice said, dodging the question from host Brian Williams whether she was "it" for the position.

Rice will meet with Obama in the Oval Office Friday afternoon.

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