Dennis Wagner of the Arizona Republic writes that:

More than two months after Sharon Helman was suspended as director of Phoenix's VA Health Care System, she remains on the payroll collecting regular checks and benefits despite passage of a new federal statute targeting accountability in the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Arizona’s Senator John McCain has noticed and is not happy about this:

Right now, the ... people who really were responsible here in Phoenix, they're on (paid) administrative leave," McCain said. "What does that mean? What message does that send?”

The answer to that question is simple enough. This is the government. And it does not things its own way.

Meanwhile the VA’s new secretary, Robert McDonald:

... has said he is moving as swiftly as possible to remove administrators for cause. But he declined to say how many employees are facing discipline in connection with the health-care scandal, and he emphasized that anyone accused has a right to due process.

"You've got to treat that person with respect," McDonald told reporters. "We can't talk to you about names, we can't talk to you about individuals, even though that's what you'd like. We can't do that because that would be disrespectful. ... I can tell you, we are going to hold people accountable.”

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