The Eugene Register-Guardreports:

Eugene police on Wednesday night found a sport-utility vehicle engulfed in flames and covered with graffiti that appears to be consistent with messages of the nationwide “Occupy” movement.

The Toyota 4-Runner was found burning near the corner of 13th Avenue and Grant Street, police spokeswoman Jenna McCulley said.

As it happens, I lived in Eugene, Oregon for four years while attending the University of Oregon. The city is known for being ground zero for the left-wing anarchist and eco-terrorist movements, so this is hardly surprising. I don't think the Occupy Wall Street movement will prove violent, but then again the peaceful nature of Tea Party protests didn't stop the media from endlessly and wildly speculating on the possibility of the Tea Party turning violent.

This time around I suspect the media's poltical sympathies will keep them from pouncing all over this report and use it to unfairly characterize the whole Occupy Wall Street movement.

(h/t Ace of Spades)

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