Fox News reports:

Fox News confirms sweeping resignations of top campaign staff for Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich

The AP confirms:

WASHINGTON (AP) - AP sources: Senior aides on Gingrich presidential campaign resign en masse

It's not clear yet who resigned and why.

UPDATE: More details from Politico:

Newt Gingrich's top campaign aides resigned en masse today, POLITICO has learned. Campaign manager Rob Johnson, strategists Sam Dawson and Dave Carney, spokesman Rick Tyler, and consultants Katon Dawson in South Carolina and Craig Schoenfeld in Iowa have all quit to protest what two officials called their "different vision" for the campaign.

UPDATE II: On Facebook, Gingrich offers this comment:

I am committed to running the substantive, solutions-oriented campaign I set out to run earlier this spring. The campaign begins anew Sunday in Los Angeles.

UPDATE III: The Des Moines Register reports:

Newt Gingrich’s entire team of paid Iowa campaign staff, as well as his national spokesman and senior aides in New Hampshire and South Carolina, have resigned en masse, a staffer told The Des Moines Register.

“You have to be able to raise money to run a campaign and you have to invest time in fundraising and to campaign here in the state and I did not have the confidence that was going to be happening,” said Craig Schoenfeld, the Iowa executive director of Newt 2012.

The departures immediately raised questions about the future of Gingrich’s candidacy. The Georgia Republican, a former speaker of the U.S. House, announced via an online video on May 21 that he’s seeking the Republican nomination.

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