Bloomberg reports that Syria has been aiding Qaddafi's propaganda machine:

After Libyan state television was knocked off air by rebel forces, Muammar Qaddafi turned to Syria to get his propaganda out.

Qaddafi has spoken in two audio messages since losing control of the capital, Tripoli, this week, both aired by a privately owned network called Al Oruba TV, which is linked to Arrai TV, a Syrian-based television station owned by former Iraqi lawmaker Mishan Jabouri.

That's quite an alliance. The report continues:

At the time, Jabouri ran Al Zawra television, also Syria- based, and privately agreed to broadcast secret messages through patriotic songs to the Sunni terrorist group the Islamic Army of Iraq, according to the U.S. Treasury. It was shut down.

Jabouri’s Libyan link is Arrai’s general manager, Ahmad al- Shater, who is close to Qaddafi and is himself Libyan, Stanford’s Khatib said. “So we have Iraqis setting up a channel in Syria directed by a Libyan,” she said.

“Qaddafi has basically lost almost everything,” Khatib said. “The only thing he hasn’t lost is his ability to manipulate the media in this very limited way. If anything it is just a sign of how desperate he is.”

Maybe he's practically lost nearly everything, but the Libyan strongman still has his friends in Syria.

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