Bloomberg reports that the Syrians are continuing to protest today against the Assad regime. According to the news report, this comes after "the discovery of a mass grave containing the bodies of anti-government activists." Bloomberg reports:

The bodies of 31 people killed by security forces were buried in the mass grave found by villagers near Daraa, where anti-government protests began in mid-March, according to Qurabi. The remains of another 41 people who were targeted by authorities during the past week were also discovered yesterday in Jassem and Inkhel, he said by phone today. The villages are part of the Daraa governorate. Authorities have said they were chasing Muslim militants and “terrorist elements” in the area.

The Syrians, of course, are denying that the mass grave in Daraa exists. Amazingly, though, the protesters don't seem to be deterred:

Protesters gathered late yesterday in the Damascus suburbs of Saqba, Harasta and Darayya, while women staged a nighttime rally in Homs, Mahmoud Merhi of the Arab Organization for Human Rights said in a phone interview today from the capital. Security forces backed by tanks continued to besiege the town of Tallkalakh near the border with Lebanon, he said....The uprising drew initial pledges of reform from President Bashar al-Assad, who lifted an emergency law in place since 1963 and named a new government. He hasn’t repeated the assurances in recent weeks as security forces stepped up their assaults.

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