The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that Wisconsin's Democratic Senate candidate Tammy Baldwin ducked a question at a press conference today about whether she still supports single-payer health care:

During her 14 years in the U.S. House, Baldwin has often pushed for a single-payer health care system that would have the government pay all health care claims. Asked if she still supported a single-payer system, she said: "It's irrelevant. We have a bill (the Affordable Care Act) that was passed. I worked on it. I voted for it. That's what our task is going forward. It doesn't matter the debates of a decade ago or even more recently. We have passed a bill. I voted for it and now we need to put it to work and make it work for Wisconsin."

Tommy Thompson, the former governor and GOP Senate candidate, has been hitting Baldwin for supporting Canadian-style health care. "I actually was for a government takeover of medicine," Baldwin said at a rally in 2010. "I was for a single-payer plan."

Baldwin's official congressional YouTube page features videos of her passionately arguing in favor of single-payer health care.

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