Tim Tebow attended a Yankees game last night at the Stadium (if you are a Yankees fan, there is only one "stadium") where the fans booed him. This, despite the fact that he was wearing a Yankees cap and did not, so far as the news stories go, take a knee or quote scripture or throw a wounded duck that missed the open man. Just sat in his seat, like a well-behaved fan, and watched the ball game.

The wire stories contained no quotations from fans explaining why they booed Tebow. One assumes they were not refugee fans from some Southeastern Conference team still smarting over a loss to the Gators. Or backers of some player he beat out for the Heisman. Or Broncos faithful who believe he should have taken the team further in the playoffs.

Perhaps they were fans of the football Giants, booing Tebow because he is now a member of the New York Jets? Home fans, in other words. But Tebow was sitting with Dwayne Wade of the Miami Heat, rivals of the Knicks and while he was booed when first introduced, fans cheered when he waved his Yankees cap.

Could be the fans were just exhibiting a bit of big city surliness. Letting the rube know he is no longer in the sticks and that in his new home, when you call someone 'nice,' it isn't a compliment. Maybe New Yorkers were telling Tim that they just don't like his style.

What other reason, one thinks, could there be?

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