He was supposed to be done, finished, out of football and perhaps headed to Australia to try rugby. Now, Tim Tebow is, as Mike Garofolo of USA Today reports, "... on his way to Foxborough to join the New England Patriots."

No telling, yet, how Patriots coach Bill Belichick will use Tebow, though it is certain he will not be the team's starting quarterback. Nobody has enough self-confidence to come into camp thinking he is going to beat out Tom Brady. Tebow can take a kind of comfort in that.

Tebow and his last team, the New York Jets, could not have been a worse match. Tebow, who makes no secret of his faith, must have wondered at times if his time with the Jets were not a kind of spiritual testing. If so, he endured it with humility and grace.

The Patriots are the antithesis of the Jets. Short on bombast and long on performance. Everyone on the New England roster seems to contribute in some way and Belichick is nothing if not creative in his way of finding roles for his players, making pass receivers out of linebackers and such. He also has a way of smothering media flames where, in New York, the impulse was always to pour gasoline on them.

At his first press conference after the Tebow signing, the coach answered a couple of Tebow questions then said, “We’ve already talked enough about him,” Belichick said. “I think I’ve covered it. Anything else?”

What a relief. Now fans will find out if the kid can play football, and the kid gets a chance to prove he can.

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