Senator Harry Reid, engaging in a little of that civility in our politics about which we have been lectured.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) has launched a blistering verbal assault against William Magwood, a Democratic member of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission nominated by President Obama, calling him a “liar,” a “first-class rat,” and a “s**t-stirrer.”

This must not be the same Senator Reid who, in the aftermath of the shooting attack in Arizona that left six people dead and Representative Gabrielle Giffords severely wounded said, feelingly, to his colleagues in the United States Senate:

"There is no evidence that partisan politics played any role in this monstrous attack. Even so, we should be more civil anyway. Being more mindful of the weight of our words always helps. We have much more to gain than to lose from civility and discretion."

Yeah, well, whatever you say. And, anyway, you can't hold these guys to something that they might have said sometime back in the past about how they would never, like, you know, run negative political ads.

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