The editorial in today's Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has no kind words for the state's senate Democrats' actions in Wisconsin's debate over public sector unions:

Democrats in the state Senate threw a temper tantrum Thursday - essentially they took their ball and went home.

Actually, they didn't go home. They apparently went to Illinois, just out of reach of their obligations.

By boycotting an expected vote on Gov. Scott Walker's budget repair bill, they were able to prevent action on the measure. Twenty senators are required for a quorum; the Republicans have only 19.

Nor does the editorial mince words about those teachers who trekked to Madison to protest:

Meanwhile, some Wisconsin teachers decided to make a mockery of their own profession by penalizing their students after an irresponsible call to action by Mary Bell, the chief of the state teachers union...

There were no classes in Madison schools. Port Washington High School had to close. The same was true at other schools around the state. Do these teachers care more about their jobs than their kids? We wonder.

This isn't the first editorial from the Journal Sentinel to begrudingly admit that Republican governor Scott Walker is picking the "right fight."

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