Texas senator John Cornyn is targeting classified leaks being released by the Obama administration. "The leaks appear to have formed the basis of two New York Times reports about the White House’s role in classified national security efforts, one detailing the use of cyber warfare against Iran, and the other the use of drones to hunt and kill suspected terrorists," Cornyn's office says.

Yesterday on Capitol HIll, Cornyn questioned James Cole, a deputy attorney general.

Is it a crime to leak classified information on the part of a government employee?,” Cornyn asked Cole.

The Justice Department official responded, Without going into all the details, generally yes it is senator.”

Later in the hearing, Cornyn asked whether the Justice Deparment would be investigating the classified leaks.Do you believe that a special prosecutor – a special counsel – would be warranted?”

Attorney General Eric Holder's deputy responded, I don’t believe that it would be necessary in this case, no.”

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