West Virginia governor Joe Manchin, the Democratic Senate candidate who's locked in a tight race with Republican John Raese, is now running an ad in which he promises to "take dead aim" at cap-and-trade and then literally shoots a hole through the law (which is labeled, conveniently enough, "CAP AND TRADE BILL"). Note that Manchin doesn't take dead aim at a bill labeled "OBAMACARE" – and therein lies the problem. Governor Manchin has 70-plus percent approval ratings, but he's running for the Senate against an opponent who wants to repeal Obamacare in a state in which Rasmussen finds that voters favor repeal by a margin of more than 30 percentage points (64 to 31 percent), independent voters favor repeal by a margin of 40 percentage points (69 to 29 percent), and those who "strongly favor" repeal make up a clear majority (55 percent) of the electorate.

As Mike Warren has noted, what's compounding Manchin's problem is this: A week before the deciding House vote on the Senate bill, he was publicly asked, "If you were a House member standing on the floor of the House this Friday or Saturday, and you've got your choice, vote up on the Senate bill or down on the Senate bill, how do you vote?" Manchin confidently replied, "I'd be for it," adding, "You need to praise this President and this administration for sticking with this as long as they have." (The question can be viewed at 1:09:00.)

Here's the ad; one wonders whether Raese will soon be running a similar one showing him with not one, but two, targets in his sight:

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