One of the Democratic party’s most loyal and powerful interest groups is, evidently, falling out of love with the Obama administration. As Peter Sullivan of The Hill reports:

Teachers unions have turned on Secretary of Education Arne Duncan and the Obama administration, creating a major divide in the Democratic Party coalition.

Teacher’s unions are to education in this era what the UAW was in the sunset years of American automobile industry: defenders of their own, and a fatal status quo, right to the last ditch.

The problems in American education are vast. (Read Andrew Ferguson on Common Core to understand just how vast—and for the sheer pleasure of reading Andrew Ferguson.) Any solution begins with the finding a way to strip the teachers’ unions of the power to veto any solution they don’t like. And, it seems the only solution they do like is … more of the same plus more money.

Meanwhile, they are showing their muscle. Even in Chicago where their candidate for mayor is polling ahead of Rahm Emanuel, the incumbent.

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